Social Work Profession in India: An Uncertain Future

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Social Work Profession in India is in a State of Crisis : crisis of identity, crisis of competence, and crisis of credibility. Unregulated and rapid expansion of social work educational institutions under multiple auspices; massive outflow of social work graduates through the distance mode of education; declining quality of social work education; continuingconfusion regarding the content of curricula and the areas of concentration and specialization; lack of national level professional organisations and a statutory council of social work education; and absence of a social work human resource policy are major challenges confronting the profession of social work. The articles in the book by educators and practitioners discuss social justice, Dalit rights, skill development for poverty alleviation, social work intervention in substance use disorders, evolutionary excellence in social work, voluntary and professional social work, education for professional social work in India, and dilemmas of Indian social work. One article asks: should we rethink the nature of social work ?

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Social Work Profession in India: An Uncertain Future

Author: T.K. Nair



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